2 x channel SD 4:3 video on Sony Cube monitors, 11 minutes
2 x mirror mosaic plinths
Installation view, The Fith Artist, Wysing Arts Centre, 24 May - 5 July 2015

I fell in love with tomorrow (or) Impossible Loves, 2015, single channel version 

Talking heads: Gabriel Stones and Alice Theobald
Original soundtrack: Alice Theobald 
The song “Being Boring” is a cover of The Pet Shop Boys song of the same name re-arranged and performed by Phoebe Blatton and Alice Theobald.

Today left for the sake of coming back tomorrow (or) impossible loves; a sculptural video installation made up of dramatic verses and a composed soundtrack, shown alongside a wall-based text work.  Described as existing in ‘non-time’, the scripted dialogue and verses use nuanced wordplay and are absurdist in content . Through personifying ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’ at the same time as keeping their intended meaning, they counter eachother out and are rendered meaningless. Speaking of love, loss, uncertainty, optimism and dejection, there is a sense of faux sentimentality that permeates the scene and which strikes a balance between irony, desolation, cliché and empathy all imparted with tragicomic pathos.

Exhibition history:
The Fith Artist, Wysing Arts Centre, 24 May - 5 July 2015
Group exhibition - Will Evens & Julia Crabtree, Jesse Darling, Olivier Castel and Alice Theobald