Dub plate 12" Vinyl Record edition
16 minutes 01 seconds, 2016

Side A:
Elizabeth’s Lament, (based on short story "The Minister's Black Veil" by Nathaniel Hawthorne) 3:23, 2013

Elizabeth’s Lament is based on a parable which tells the story of Reverend Mr Hooper, who mysteriously decides to wear a black semi-transparent veil that obscures all his face except mouth and chin. Refusing to take it off, this song is from the perspective of Elizabeth, the Reverend’s despairing fiancé.

Being Boring, (Pet Shop Boys cover, composed with Phoebe Blatton) 5:06, 2015 _

Being Boring is a cover of the Pet Shop Boys song of the same name (1990). Through its lyrical content and form as “cover version”, it talks of time, nostalgia, memory and history repeating itself. It also features in video installation Today left for the sake of coming back tomorrow...

Henrietta and Alexandra, (Inspired by Donald Barthelme’s short story of the same name) 1:06, 2009

This piece is inspired by Barthelme’s short story Henrietta and Alexandra. Through re- imagining the character, this is a song of compassion from Alexandra to her friend Henrietta intended to reassure her from her existential crisis and questioning of what she had not been told whilst growing up.

Side B:
Pistachio, (composed with Phoebe Blatton) 1:48, 2014 

This is about a mysterious character called Pistachio. Outside distant voices sung in the style of a torch singer ask Pistachio the question “Where do you go?” and is a short piece about direction (or the lack of). Sometimes we all feel like Pistachio.

I’ve Said Yes Now That’s It (I’ve Said No Now Lets Go) 2:08, 2013 

Two disagreeing characters are created though digitally manipulating the pitch of a single voice making it exaggeratedly high and low. With “yes” and “let’s go” as openings and “no” and “that’s it” as closings, there is a contradictory play on words, evocative of an indecisive interior dialogue.

Searching For Euphoria, 3:10, 2011