Associate Artist for Spare Tyre

The Garden, touring 2012 - present: An interactive, multisensory, non-verbal performance for people with Dementia and adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). Touring care homes and centres accross the UK.

Dean Rodney Jr and Ravioli Me Away Collaboration
SoundLab Project, 2018

Explore the whole project here

SoundLab is an innovative digital music making project initiated by Heart n Soul. It explores ways of using music technology to encourage people with learning disabilities to create music and sound experiences by improving accessibility in digital music making in order to benefit everyone.

Production Designer: The Garden, (ongoing touring) Spare Tyre Theatre Co.
Costume Designer: Spare Tyre Band, Touring London
Production Designer: Picture Me - International Woman's Day, Spare Tyre Theatre Co.,  New Diorama Theatre, London
Productuon Designer: Once Upon A Time, Spare Tyre Theatre Co.
Production Designer: Trojan Woman, Spare Tyre Theatre Co.
Designer and facilitator: Medowgate Bus Project, GLYPT (Greenwich & Lewisham Young Peoples Theatre)

5 day immersive Art and Performance Workshops, The Great Escape Festival: Summer Camp for Adults with learning disabilities, Camden Society, London.
Immersive Installation Workshop, for Because We're Worth It!: National Summit on Participatory Arts, Connected Culture, ICA, London
Dance and Design Workshops for Adults with learning disabilities, The Colour House Theatre, London
Live Art, sound and design Workshops for young people with learning disabilities, The Broadway Theatre, Dagenham
Dance and Design Workshops for Adults with learning disabilities, Tara Arts, London
Once Upon A Time, Dementia Research and Development project – Knightengale House Care home, Spare Tyre Theatre co.
Fashion Workshops for young people with learning difficulties, Watermans Arts Centre, Hounslow
Becoming the Art, Inquiry Project:, Combined Arts workshops with children with learning disabilities, Spare Tyre Theatre co. partnership with Trinity School, Dagenham
Fashion Workshops for teenagers in foster care, Watermans Art Centre 
T-shirt printing workshops for children, Watermans Arts Centre
Fashion/textile making workshops for adults with learning disabilities, Spare Tyre co, Watermans Arts Centre