Performance with live soundtrack and single channel video 33 minutes.
Chisenhale Gallery ‘Interim’ commission.

Documentation from performance at The Chisenhale, London 2014

In the futuristic cult-like atmosphere of I’ve said yes now, that’s it., a controller directs actors towards humorous or cynical inculcations of more typically introspective paranoias and doubts. Switching between the 1st and 3rd person, the narration followed by the actors’ melodically chanted responses conflate to reveal misalignments between independent volition and governed action. The often unnerving disjuncture between physical appearances and internal imaginings is probed and interrogated with voices and actions that repeat, overlay and intertwine.

I've Said Yes Now, That's It. Performed at The Chisenhale Gallery, London 2014 

Film still

Documentation from performance at OutPost Studios, Norwich 2014

Musician/Performers: Gabriel Stones - Bass, Alice Theobald - Synthesizer and narration, Jack Wylie - Saxophone
Live performers: Aymie Backler, Michael Garrad, Fay Nicolson, Rose O’Gallivan, Tom Woolner, Jenny Moore
Performers on film: Richard Forbes-Hamilton, Fay Nicolson, Amy Stephens, Maxwell Wade

Camera work for Chisenhale Doctumentation: Jack Richmond, Sapphire Sherbird

Performance history:
I’ve said yes now, that’s it. Chisenhale Gallery, London, 8 February 2014
I’ve said yes now, that’s it. OUTPOST, Norwich, 26 April 2014

'I said yes now that's it' is a large scale performance that was originally commissioned and shown at The Chisenhale, London in 2014 . It was partly conceived on a Triangle Arts Trust residency in Muscat, Oman, invited and funded by The Omani Fine Art Society and The British Council. The residencies aim was to create dialogue and exchange between Omani and international artists.