MAN B/ BABY: Sometimes I just feel like.... Feel like what?
MAN A/ DOG: Like I’m being left behind. Behind?
MAN A/ DOG: Behind who?
MAN B/ BABY: Just... you know... you, them...
MAN A/ DOG: Everyone?
MAN B/ BABY: Everyone seems to be taking the next step whilst I feel like... What step?
MAN A/ DOG: You know... the one after this.
MAN B/ BABY: Right.

The Next Step centres around a seemingly aimless sprawling conversation about relationships, aspirations and life decisions as a baby and a dog advance towards the audience. Through this conversation, a combination of language play, moving image and installation, Theobald explores conflicted feelings about societal conventions, the repeated cycle of human existence, and the ways that received wisdom about life, love, death, freedom and personal growth feed back into daily life through depictions in film, television and music.

The Next Step, 2016, Digital HD video, 3D side by side 11minutes 15seconds

Artist & Director: Alice Theobald
Script: Alice Theobald
Actors: Gino Attwood,  Hamish Walker, Magnus Walker, Monty
Voice Actors: Michael Garrad, Scott Bradbury and Melissa Osborne
Original Soundtrack: Alice Theobald
Assistance from: Heather Lilias
Produced with Two Queens, Leicester and Primary, Nottingham

Installation shot, The Next Step, Two Queens, Leicester (solo exhibition) 2016

Exhibition History:
Are Teenage Dreams So Hard To Beat, Travelling Gallery, Scotland Touring exhibition, 2018
Weddings and Babies, Pilar Corrias Gallery, London, 25 February - 29 March 2017
The Next Step, Two Queens, Leicester, 8 October - 19 November 2017